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This website has a nice layout and makes it look like they are professional, but if you buy a car they will take your money and scam the *** out of you, a bought a car for $450 and i thought it was a deal, but the they charge a $300 internet buyer fee, a $250 felicity fee, and a $350 payment fee, and then to top it off a $100.00 fee for picking up the car and you cant do nothing about it becasue they will tell you, " well sir that is our fees, if you dont like do somewhere else, There words exactly so i told them to suck a ***.

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he is wrong this is my 20th Vehicles i bought from them no problem at all I got them for good prices I even make lots of money on them

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I know for a fact qcs bids on there own cars to get the price they want I think thats a scam

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They do not bid on their own vehicles.They don't have the man power or desire to bid on their 700-1000 vehicles that end daily.

The only bidding they can do is to bid for another buyer if they call in and verify their account info. Oh and you do know they don't own the cars right? They aren't going to bid a car up a couple hundred dollars to get the same buyer fees. Ignorance.

So let me ask you, how do you know this for a "fact"?lol

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So lets get this right... You weren't charged $300 for internet fee, you were charged, at that price, $185 buyer and handling fee. The $250 was charged by the facility because you didn't pick it up in the alotted time frame and they charge storage. Sounds like the $350 was a late payment fee. As far as $100, sounds like a loading fee charged by the yard.

Did you even read your Terms when you signed up? Because if you did you'd know all this stuff before hand. I know these companies, Salvage Direct, Copart etc. and they all let you know what fees are charged, how long you have to pay and how long you have to pick up.

Don't say they're a scam when you are ignorant of how the salvage auction business works.

Do so freakin' research before you buy.

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